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This project allows watching and logging all HTTP traffic of a system, generating log in w3c log format, showing statistics about total requests, maximum hits, requests in a timespan and alerting when traffic is above a customizable threshold.



python install 


pip install monilog
monitoring --file /path/to/your/file --threshold 10
log_generator --rates 9 11 8 --durations 150 150 150

With rates being the number of requests per second for each step of the simulation and durations being the durations of the corresponding simulation steps.

nosetests --with-coverage --cover-package=monilog

Attention: The monitoring is stopped when no new logs are written to the log file during MAX_IDLE_TIME set by default to 2 minutes. This is added to manage stopping the monitoring automatically, particularly when doing limited time simulations.

Future Improvements

This is a first working solution for http log monitoring. Many improvements can be added :